Annual Fire Alarm Inspections

NFPA 72 and ULC Standard (CAN/ULC-S536-M97) require an annual in-depth test of a building’s entire fire alarm system. Our technicians test all aspects of your system, including:

  • Fire Alarm InspectionsAn overall system check to ensure proper installation and examine any changes, alterations, additions or damage.

  • Access to, and functioning of, every connected device such as heat detectors, smoke detectors, pull stations, pressure switches, etc. This includes devices in all common areas as well as any device inside dwelling units.

  • All auxiliary and ancillary functions and connections. Internal fire alarm panel.

  • Functioning of fire system monitoring, to ensure monitoring company is receiving required trouble and alarm signals. Alarm zone annunciation and operation of all remote annunciators, which inform the fire department or on-site staff where the device has been activated. Functioning of EVAC (evacuation) system, including voice communication and paging systems, firefighters’ phones and related equipment.

  • After conducting this detailed review, our fire protection technicians prepare detailed documentation for review by fire department inspectors, insurance underwriters and property owners and agents.

  • We also inform you of any deficiencies requiring additional work. For your convenience, we can replace or upgrade your fire alarm system.
  • Please choose from the list below of fire alarms we currently offer.
    potter - fire alarms

    Potter Fire Alarms

    Potter Logo

    mircom - fa-300 series lcd fire alarm control panels

    mircom - fa-300 series lcd fire alarm control panels

    MIRCOM Logo

    • FA-300 Series fire alarm control systems are perfect for a variety of commercial, institutional and industrial applications.
    • Designed for small to medium commercial, institutional and industrial occupancies, the FA-300 Series Fire Alarm Control Panels are powerful enough to meet today’s installation demands.
    • The FA-300 Series are available in six, eight and twelve zone models with a built-in UDACT/Digital Communicator on select models.
    • The FA-300 Series are available in LED or LCD display configurations.

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