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Do you have a question or concern about a product that is either in your building and not sure what to do with it. Or do you want to find out what is the best option for your company to have in case of the unknown. Or do you simply want to know how long do you need to have someone come in to recharge a extinguisher. Well you have come to the right place, here you will find some frequently asked questions that just might answer what you’re looking at finding out.

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How long does a fire extinguisher last??

Every six years you require a 6 year maintenance / recharge for ABC type fire extinguishers. And hydrostatic test every 12 years (ABC), 5 years (CO2 / Pressure water).

The tamper safety seal (what holds the pull pin in place) is broken on my fire extinguisher?

The fire extinguisher has been tampered with and requires recharging.


My fire extinguisher looks really old / dated…. can you still recharge it?

Yes, a recharge and hydrostatic test can be done, however (NFPA10(2007) 4.4.1) any dry chemical stored pressure extinguisher manufactured prior to 1984 when due for recharge or hydrostatic test (whichever comes first).


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