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CIFP CrewCanadian Industrial Fire Protection Co. Inc. (C.I.F.P.) is structured to properly accommodate all clients, large and small. All work is completed by our in-house staff, making C.I.F.P. a highly resourceful fire protection company. The highly qualified and professional staff at C.I.F.P. performs residential, commercial and industrial installations, repairs and service at thousands of locations across Canada. Our experience and unparalleled knowledge of the fire protection industry enables us to offer top quality, professional service with reasonable pricing to our clients while providing a safe and manageable work environment.

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Canadian Industrial Fire Protection Hydrant PressureStaff Qualifications & Canadian Industrial Fire Protection's Commitment to Ongoing Education .
The Ontario Fire Code mandates that regular Annual Inspection, Repair and Maintenance on the Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems be completed by suitably qualified firms and technicians.

As required under the Ontario Fire Code, the fire alarm division of Canadian Industrial Fire Protection is staffed with Canadian Fire Alarm Association (C.F.A.A.) certified technicians. Our internal training and education program ensures that our field staff are constantly retrained and made aware of any changes or additions to the codes that affect this division. The fire alarm division at Canadian Industrial Fire Protection complete Annual Inspection & Testing, as well as remedial repair work to correct deficiencies in existing fire alarm systems, plus 24/7 emergency service calls.
The sprinkler division at Canadian Industrial Fire Protection is similarly staffed with the best trained personnel available in the industry. All of our sprinkler fitters are members of Local 853 ~ Sprinkler Fitters of Ontario, ensuring that our client properties are worked on by fitters trained and certified under the only Ministry of Labour Approved Program for the Sprinkler Trade. The sprinkler division completes Annual inspection and testing, as well as remedial repair work to correct deficiencies in existing sprinkler systems, plus 24/7 emergency service calls.

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CIFP Servicing Fire ExtinguishersCanadian Industrial Fire Protection continues to invest time, energy and financial resources to make sure that our clients always receive the highest level of timely service and follow up. We have committed significant resources in updating our computer systems, both in terms of hardware and software.

We have invested in the Simply Accounting by Sage Software to handle our accounting and billing functions. Canadian Industrial Fire Protection utilizes in the field laptop computers & software during our annual inspections enabling us to provide all customers with a comprehensive and professional looking field data test sheet report at the conclusion of the annual.

After-hours calls are handled live, with the service call immediately dispatched to one of a number of available on-call technicians covering all the relevant disciplines of fire protection.

We have specialized experts in their fields heading all of the relevant divisions who share their combined knowledge and experience will all other members of the Canadian Industrial Fire Protection team. All of our field technicians are uniformed, bonded and carry the required identification badges, so our clients know exactly who is in their building on behalf of Canadian Industrial Fire Protection. The management, office staff and field technicians all have a commitment and mission to service our clients in the manner which they deserve. With a service record and reputation Canadian Industrial Fire Protection has a client list of over 3,000 nationally.

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